David W. Braeutigam
Born and raised in Texas, David is a fifth generation Texan. His family is from the German community of Fredericksburg, Texas. The Braeutigam's have lived there since 1846. They were in the second wave of German immigrants to settle in the new town of Fredericksburg. 

David has lived throughout Texas and currently lives in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex.

He is a Healthcare Technology Management consultant, author and educator that has a passion for healthcare and for his family history.

He has written several books on Healthcare Technology Management and just finished a book on a diary from WWII titled " A Red Raider Officer's Diary during WWII ". David also completed another WWII book titled " Royal Flush and Black Sunday " All books available on Amazon.  
"I love the field of Health Care Technology Management (HTM) and researching family history. There does not seem to be a link between the two except for the need for meticulous research to find the solution. 

When I became an HTM Consultant I had several people tell me that was also their goal. I decided then to write a book on my journey of becoming an HTM Consultant from the smallest things of incorporating the business, the technology required for an effective office and to the actual business of HTM consulting. The book is in the final editing and will be available on Amazon soon. 

As an avid researcher of my family history I was fascinated with my heritage. I first published a simple photo book on all the photographs I collected over 25+ years of researching titled "Braeutigam Family of Fredericksburg, Texas" . You can purchase the book on Amazon HERE.

I then decided to write a story on Elgin J. Luckenbach, my second cousin, when I read his story of being reported MIA on 16 April 1944 during WWII in the Pacific theatre. In 1946 he was reported to be KIA. In 2002, a local of New Guinea reported to the U.S. Government that there was a wrecked plane with human remains up in the mountains of New Guinea. The recovery and excavation took four long years. He was eventually buried in 2006 at Arlington National Cemetery. What a great story of recovery and closure for the families. That book is titled " Royal Flush and Black Sunday ". That book was just completed and is on Amazon HERE.

I also wrote a book on the funny stories that everyone in Healthcare Technology Management tells each other over a cold beer and at conferences. I collected all the stories I had and added many more stories from friends in the field to compile a great collection of so called war stories. It also has almost 30 pictures of funny notes found on medical equipment.
Tales of the Biomed is available on Amazon HERE." I created a website just for Tales of the Biomed - visit it HERE .

"Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca